New Balance Indoor Grand Prix

The New Balance Indoor Grand Prix is formerly known as the Boston Indoor games, Which is an annual indoor track and field which held at late January or early February. The competition attracts many high-caliber athletes including Olympic and World medalists.

Since the founding of the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix, six world records have been set at the event. It featured numerous national records and United States all-comer records.

The latest competition was held on February 13th where many track and field athletes returned to competition. The event was held at Ocean Breeze Athletic Complex in Staten Island, New York, instead of the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston because in Reggie Lewis Center is serving a mass vaccination site.

On this competition, three American records and 10 national records have been broken on Saturday. One of which is the women’s two-mile records with a time of 9:10.28 by Elle Purrier. Her time beat the previous American record by 8 seconds, where the previous American record was 9:18.35 by Jenny Simpson in 2015.

While the 2021 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix may looked abit different from its previous competitions, familiar faces still took center stage in this year event.

The other American Record that have been broken is by Donovan Brazier. Donovan Brazier, who have been forced to withdraw from the American Track League due to Covid-19 exposure, have returned to the track with a vengeance.

The 2019 world champion have lowered the American record on men’s 800 meters by 0.01. Brazier finished the men’s 800 meters race with a record of 1:44.21 where his previous American record was 1:44.22 at the Millrose Games last year.

The third American Record that has been broken is by Bryce Hoppel who beat the national record in the 1000 meters race. The former Kansas Jayhawk and NCAA 800-meter champion broke the previous American record in the 1000 meters race with a time of 2:16.27 while the previous record held by Charlie Grice is setted on Brittish indoor with a time of 2:17.20

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